Rapidly Master Your Ability To Use Microsoft 365 Copilot

Use our data-driven learning and development system to become proficient in using MS 365 Copilot 

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The Microsoft 365 Copilot assessment and training product

Key Benefits

  1. Understand your MS Copilot AI ability gaps
  2. Learn by doing, guided by an active community and AI experts
  3. Gain a competitive advantage over productivity AI laggards

Other benefits

  • Improved Proficiency: Understand your current ability level using Microsoft 365 Copilot. Identify strengths and areas where you may need improvement.
  • Ability Enhancement: Take the 25-module online training course designed to help you quickly become proficient in Microsoft 365 Copilot. You will be guided through action-based missions that will develop your abilities in Copilot AI directly, step by step.
  • Flexibility: Access your training modules anytime from anywhere. Use your phone or any browser.
  • Personalized coach: get activity feedback from Copilot AI coaches and an active community as you go through the mission.
  • Get Feedback: Stay engaged and encouraged through reminders, community and progress indicators.
  • Track progress: Visualize your progress in your Quest towards MS Copilot Mastery, and in the end, measure how much you’ve improved your ability in using the AI for work.
streamlined Assessment Process
streamlined Assessment Process
Enhanced Analysis and Reporting

How does it work?

MS Copilot AI Assessment

  • Understanding of MS Copilot and other GPT model’s capabilities and their limitations
  • Ability to select the most appropriate AI prompts and tool for a given task
  • Understanding of ethical use of AI
  • Ability to think critically and problem-solve using AI-tools
  • Communication and collaboration skills (with AI and others)
  • Ability to creatively mix AI prompting and direct use of software

Launch yourself in your own custom micro-action learning journey

Highly Engaging Learning Experiences with myQuest

The AFT Learning model works through a learning cycle

ActionComplete learning activities instead of boring lessons

FeedbackReceive feedback & reinforcement on each action

Trigger Get timely triggers and reminders to complete the next step

Supplied by our partners myQuest

Monetization Opportunities and Brand Exposure
Monetization Opportunities and Brand Exposure

Get feedback from the community or a dedicated coach

myQuest LMS allows you to coach people not just during in-person sessions but also during a self-paced learning process. Using our suite of coaching and peer learning tools, you can keep learning personal and social even when you are not next to your learners.

Measure Your New MS Copilot Mastery

Once your learning journey through our 25 modules is over we’ll invite you to see how much you have improved your ability to use the Copilot AI in the Microsoft productivity tools.

  • Visualize your before and after AI abilities in graph form
  • See in detail what you thought of your abilities initially in each category and then afterwards
  • Identify additional gaps in your abilities to compete in the business world, now filled with AI tools that can accomplish many tasks for us
Monetization Opportunities and Brand Exposure
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